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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle, non-intrusive Complementary Health Therapy, based on the principle that different points on the feet correspond with different areas of the body.

Imagine the feet are a mini map of the body (organs/structure), Reflexologists apply pressure to specific points of the feet, these points are called reflexes and they reflect/mirror the organs & structures of the body, as well as reflecting a person's emotional health.

Reflexology can be used as a tool for relaxation and may assist with reducing stress, tensions or physical & emotional pressure, as Reflexology promotes good health and a general sense of well being.

The premise is that reflexology helps the body to restore its natural balance, giving us homeostasis, which translated literally means 'same state' and it refers to the process of keeping the internal body environment in a steady state, encouraging the body to heal itself, by releasing toxins and assisting the body to improve its functions.

Often after a treatment, you may feel your tension has reduced and you may feel more relaxed and you might also notice that you sleep better and find your temperament has improved. However, effects of Reflexology are different for everyone.

Reflexologists work holistically with their clients and aim to work alongside mainstream healthcare/medicine, to promote better health for their clients - Reflexology is NOT a replacement for mainstream healthcare and should never replace conventional medicine, preferably they would work in conjunction, complementing one another.

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology is a branch of Reflexology which can be used from preconception through to the post-natal period and focuses on relaxation, de-stressing and trying to reduce anxiety.

The treatment is carried out using maternity-friendly oils and the routine focuses on relaxation techniques, endocrine re-balancing (hormones), lymphatic drainage and gentle massage, all of which contribute to helping reduce stress and anxiety.

As with any Complementary Therapy, there are no guarantees and should never replace mainstream medicine – if you are currently working with medical professionals and/or are visiting a clinic for any reason, I would ask that you speak with your medical carer, to ensure it is also possible to work with myself, whilst having medical treatment.

My Maternity Reflexology qualification was gained from the Susanne Enzer CPD Course – Susanne was a qualified mid wife and the course is only tutored by midwives, which I found invaluable, being taught by people who have experience in both Reflexology and Maternity, sharing knowledge and experience on a useful and practicable level.

Please be aware: Maternity Reflexology is a Complementary Therapy, which supports preconception couples and maternity clients and should never replace medical or obstetric care

Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot Stone Reflexology combines the benefits of traditional reflexology treatment with a number of different sized warm basalt stones to enable deeper stimulation of the reflex points for a relaxing and deeper treatment.

The heat from the stones passes through the layers of the skin, warming the feet and helping to release tension – as with traditional reflexology, it may improve relaxation, blood flow and circulation and provide comfort.

Treatment commences with a foot massage with the hot stones and then the traditional reflexology treatment is carried out, to identify any areas that have weakness and then hot stones are applied to those areas.

Please note everyone has a different heat tolerance, which we will discuss before starting the treatment.

What to expect from your Session

A Reflexology Treatment session lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The initial treatment has a 15 minute consultation slot, which is free, where we discuss your personal information, such as lifestyle, current symptoms or conditions and medical history, all of which is totally confidential.

Once the consultation is complete, you will lie on the therapist couch or be reclined in a reflexology chair and if appropriate and you will have a throw to keep you warm - whichever foot is not being worked on will be wrapped in a towel during the treatment, to ensure you do not become too cold.

The treatment commences with relaxation techniques on both feet and then I work on one foot at a time, going through the routine, concentrating on specific areas of weakness and areas of concern that has been discussed during consultation. The treatment ends with a massage on each foot and if relevant will conclude with a Manual Lymph Draining procedure.

During the treatment you may feel some tenderness and I may feel some 'crunchyness' or crystal deposits in your feet, this just means that there is either a weakness in this area, present or previous injury or there could be an existing symptom, which will require working on by massaging that particular reflex.

The session is all about you, and for you to benefit, suggestion is to relax and enjoy your treatment, however please feel free to ask questions about the treatment if you are inquisitive or interested.

After the treatment is complete, I will give you time to relax, offer you water to drink and we will discuss after care advice and treatment plan.

If you have any further questions please have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page, if you don't find the answer please feel free to give me a call