Bowen Technique
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Bowen Therapy (aka Bowen Technique) is a holistic, gentle and non-intrusive Health Care Therapy, which encourages the body to re-set and re-balance, by using a rolling action over the fascia of the muscles, tendons and skeletal structure of the body and also helps with improving wellbeing – there is no energetic or forceful manipulation with this Therapy.

The Bowen technique is based on ‘procedures’ and ‘moves’ – the approach is holistic, so taking into account clients’ presenting conditions, how they are moving or their description of issue, and using the knowledge of this technique, will determine which procedures and moves are best used for the individual client.

A uniqueness of Bowen is the pauses or breaks at certain intervals, which allows the brain to process moves that have been made, encouraging change in the body.

The technique was devised by Thomas Bowen, in Australia in the 1950’s and 60’s, and has been administered by Bowen Practitioners in the UK since the 1980’s.

As this treatment is generally such a gentle method, it is deemed suitable for all ages, from babies to the elderly.

The technique can be applied through light clothing and can be carried out on a Therapist’s couch or seated, if difficult for client to get onto the couch or unable to lay down.

This holistic treatment encourages improved wellbeing and may help with re-setting and re-balancing the body.

A Bowen treatment lasts approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

Your session starts with a consultation, where we talk about you, your lifestyle and your current and medical history, all of which is totally confidential – the consultation generally lasts around 15 minutes.

You will lay on the treatment couch, as instructed by myself, and you will be appropriately draped with towels, ensuring client comfort and respecting that you are covered to protect your modesty – you may wear light clothing for this modality eg: thin t-shirt, leggings or shorts.

Relevant procedures would have been identified during consultation which will be administered, whilst constantly assessing how your body is reacting to the moves.

There will be breaks after certain moves, a minimum of 2 minutes, whereby I will leave the room, allowing you to completely focus on relaxing and for your brain to recognise and process the moves that have been carried out, helping to re-set and re-balance the body.

At the end of your treatment, I will give you time to relax, once your treatment is complete. You will be offered water to drink and we will discuss after care advice and treatment plan.

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